Matt Hardy Believes Vince McMahon 'Is Going To Put His Fingerprints On Things'

From the moment it was announced that Vince McMahon had returned to WWE's board of directors, there has been a lot of speculation about him regaining control of the creative department. It's something that has reportedly raised concerns for talent, and during the latest episode of the "Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy" podcast, the AEW star said he believes McMahon "is going to put his fingerprints on things" due to the nature of who he is. 


WWE has stated that McMahon will not be involved in creative decisions, with Paul Levesque remaining in his current role as Chief Content Officer. However, the way the 77-year-old McMahon has pushed his way back in has certainly sent alarm bells ringing, and Hardy was told by an unnamed person that "WWE Raw" had a different vibe and they had "a feeling Vince may have had his fingerprints on it."

"I feel like even if Vince is being sincere about that, he won't be able to control himself like that," Hardy said on McMahon staying out of creative decisions. "I think if Vince comes back, I think it kind of continues as it is and then you see a little more influence from Vince ... then it might get back to the point where he's going, 'Dammit, this is my show and nobody's better at doing this than me.'"


While it remains to be seen if McMahon will dip his toes back into the creative waters, Hardy thinks it "would be a slow process" where he would build up over time until he "felt like he was controlling the helm of the show" once again.

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