Road Dogg Thinks This WWE Star Should Be Roman Reigns Of Women's Division

When it comes to positioning for the men's roster in WWE, there's just no denying that Roman Reigns is on top. However, the hierarchy of women in the company isn't quite as rigid. According to WWE producer Brian James, AKA Road Dogg, on the latest "Oh... You Didn't Know," there is at least one woman who could step up and perform the Roman Reigns role, albeit for the women's division.

"As far as presentation, in-ring skills, dare I say promo skills ... I think [Asuka] probably should be the Roman Reigns of women's wrestling right now," James said. "I know the big argument is, 'Well, she can't cut a promo domestically.' I think we're past that as a culture, as a society."

James suggested using subtitles for Asuka's promos, or letting her continue what she's been doing as of late, where she speaks in Japanese and we don't actually need to understand what she says. The former D-Generation X member praised Asuka's ability to put together a match, and for her ability to maintain her character while being unselfish and selling for her opponents.

Asuka is currently on some sort of hiatus from the company, last appearing on the December 12 edition of "WWE Raw." Since then, the former world champion has teased going overseas, apparently in search of something. It seems likely she will eventually make a return to WWE television, but whether she comes back the same or with a new character remains to be seen.

James also listed Zoey Stark as a member of the female roster that stood out to him, calling her one of the best he has ever seen. Stark has recently competed in dark matches for the main roster, and was seen backstage at "Raw" this past week.

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