Jamie Hayter Reveals Details Of Former AEW Champion's Injury

So far during their respective AEW runs, Jamie Hayter and Toni Storm have been each other's biggest rival, feuding almost nonstop since Storm's debut last March. So far, the biggest match of the rivalry occurred at AEW Full Gear, where Hayter defeated Storm to win the AEW Women's World Championship, albeit with an assist from allies Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. and Rebel.

Fans may recall that Storm wasn't seen for a bit following the match, and in an appearance on the "Hawk vs. Wolf" podcast, Hayter confirmed that a mishit in their Full Gear bout is what led to that absence.

"I broke her orbital bone in the match," Hayter said. "I didn't mean to. We were holding each other's hands, forearming each other. And one of them was just slightly missed. I did it, and Toni, I love you Toni, but she immediately goes like this. I'm like 'I'm f*****g sorry. I f****d up. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.' She said 'It's fine.'"

Even prior to their AEW battles, Storm and Hayter have a long history and friendship with each other, having worked together in both the United Kingdom and Japan. They even lived together during the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, Storm didn't appear to take the accident personally after she eventually learned the extent of her injury.

"She didn't know until later," Hayter said. "She was kind of like, 'Oh it's cool, don't worry about it.' She had two black eyes. She was like, 'Actually, it kind of made the match a little better. It was more intense. I look bada** now.'"

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