Mia Yim Gives Update On WWE Royal Rumble Status

With the Royal Rumble comes the titular matches involving 30 participants each. As of this writing, 16 men have declared themselves for the men's Rumble, while less than 10 women on WWE's main roster have revealed they will be in the women's Rumble. Big name talent such as Becky Lynch, Shayna Baszler, and other major players have yet to be announced for the women's Rumble — with one of those notables being Mia Yim.


During an interview conducted by Wrestling Inc. Senior News Editor Nick Hausman at the Royal Rumble press junket, former Impact Knockouts World Champion Yim revealed her status for the 2023 Women's Royal Rumble. "I am not an official entrant, so I don't know what's happening," Yim said. Despite seemingly being unaware of her current status in the 30-woman battle, Yim revealed who she brought with her to San Antonio. "So I'm just here and seeing what's going to happen. But I brought my family with me, so whatever happens, it's going to be a good time." With there not being an overabundance of women on WWE's main roster, it would be expected that most of them would find their way into the match, including Yim.


Yim has only been on WWE's main roster for a few months as Triple H recently brought her back following her release in 2021. Yim has competed on WWE TV and PLEs nine times since returning, with her biggest win coming at Survivor Series: WarGames as part of the winning team in the five-on-five women's WarGames match. Video and a full transcription from our interview with Mia Yim will be available shortly on the site and our various social media platforms.