Bray Wyatt Comments On The Benefits Of Triple H's Regime

Bray Wyatt returned to WWE less than three months after Paul "Triple H" Levesque rose to power as the company's Chief Content Officer and director of WWE's creative direction, with many expressing joy over the three-time former world champion's return. When Wyatt was released from WWE, Vince McMahon was the head of creative for the company and it has been reported that the two did not always see eye to eye. Wyatt explained how the process differs with Levesque in charge versus McMahon.


"This is different now," Wyatt said while appearing on "Out of Character with Ryan Satin." "It's more of a free flow. Everything that happens now is organic and I don't know if you can tell, you know, from a television standpoint as much. I think you can. But now it's like, when things happen, they happen in the moment, you know? It's not preparation. It's not all this hoopla surrounding it and there's not all these rules. It's kind of, things are just happening that is the genius of Triple H."

While Wyatt experienced much success in his first run with his three world title victories and multiple main events, his booking was not always well-received by fans. Since returning, Wyatt has been able to tell a story regarding a new character – Uncle Howdy – along with feuding with L.A. Knight for the past couple of months. Wyatt and Knight will finally come to blows when the two meet at the Royal Rumble in a Pitch Black Match.


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