AEW Star Wants Cardi B And Beyonce To Join The Roster

Jade Cargill's Baddies section has slimmed down from where it was in the middle of 2022. Once featuring Kiera Hogan, Leila Grey, and Red Velvet, the Baddies is now down to just Grey and Cargill after Hogan was kicked out and Velvet left, leading to Cargill defeating her to retain the AEW TBS Championship and extending her undefeated streak to 50-0. But never fear, because Cargill is still interested in expanding the Baddies with more members who are up to her standards. 

In a recent interview with, Cargill was asked who she would like to see become part of the Baddies, and as one would expect, she is only interested in the biggest stars in music and the WNBA. "I would love to have Candace Parker on my roster," Cargill said. "I would love to have Cardi B on my roster. I would love to have Beyonce on my roster. I love Delle Donne so much. That would be my stacks because they're strong, independent women that just go out there and just wreck things and go after what they want."

Of all the names Cargill mentioned, Cardi B is arguably the most likely to join. The rapper is a long-time wrestling fan who Cargill is familiar with, after all — in fact, Cargill extended an invite to Cardi to come to an AEW show after the rapper commented on Trina's appearance at "AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam" back in September. As of this writing, Cardi hasn't taken Cargill up on that offer.