Vince McMahon Reportedly Seeking $9 Billion In WWE Sale, Has Received Offers

It has now been more than a month since Vince McMahon returned to the WWE Board of Directors, and it seems the company is inching ever closer to a sale. Bloomberg is reporting that McMahon is eyeing $9 billion as the target price for an acquisition, citing "people familiar with his thinking." Additionally, the same sources revealed that the company has indeed received offers for a sale. However, there's no word on what companies or individuals those offers have come from, nor on whether they're close to McMahon's target price.


Appearing on CNBC earlier this month, WWE CEO Nick Khan revealed that the company expects the process of a sale to move rather quickly — as fast as three months. In that same interview, CNBC host David Faber shared that he'd heard Comcast was out of the running, but Khan was quick to shoot that down. With several deals apparently on the table already, the next several months will likely provide some insight as to whether or not the company will continue pushing towards a sale, or focus on re-negotiating their media rights deals, which are set to expire at the end of next year.

Bloomberg lists Endeavor, owner of the UFC and several other sports leagues, as well as "investors from the Middle East," as leading possibilities for a takeover. If McMahon is serious about the $9 billion price tag, though, Endeavor would need some help. As a whole, the company is worth about $10.4 billion, putting WWE out of reach unless they bring in some wealthy outside investors. The question is, with a likely recession on the horizon and many media companies tightening their belts in preparation, will McMahon find anyone willing to shell out that amount of money?