Damian Priest Says It's 'Awesome' Seeing Rhea Ripley 'Let Loose'

The Judgement Day has been wreaking havoc on "WWE Raw" for the last several months, primarily at the expense of Rey Mysterio, Edge, and even Beth Phoenix. More than ever recently, it's been the emergence of Rhea Ripley that has people talking. From body-slamming Luke Gallows and taking Dominik Mysterio under her wing to winning the Women's Royal Rumble match as the No. 1 entrant, her rise has been apparent. While dropping by "The Kick Rocks Wrestling Podcast," TJD 's Damian Priest expressed his excitement in watching Ripley take WWE by storm.

"I'm a proud friend, you know what I mean? That's my homie," Priest said. "Seeing her finally let loose — obviously she accumulated so many championships, accolades already — and she was just in handcuffs. Now she's letting loose, so she's not even to where she's gonna be."

At only 26, Ripley has already held the "WWE NXT" and "NXT UK" Women's championships as well as the "Raw" Women's Championship. She's a former WWE Women's Tag Team Champion as well, and at WrestleMania 39 she will face off against Charlotte Flair for Flair's "WWE SmackDown" Women's Championship. If the Women's Royal Rumble is anything to go on, we may already be witnessing the year Ripley truly cements her superstar status. 

"At her age, this is crazy to think all the things she's gonna be able to accomplish," Priest added. "What can't she accomplish when it's all said and done? By then, you'll see the best version of her. Right now she's just getting there, which is crazy. And I'm just happy I'm able to be alongside her and be a part of the ride."

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