Booker T On Sami Zayn's Talent And Growth In WWE

Sami Zayn has been a Booker T's radar for a long time. Before Zayn's ascent into The Bloodline over the past year, something about him piqued the interest of the WWE Hall of Famer.

"I can see something in a guy that perhaps no one else can see. I don't know what it is," Booker T explained on the latest edition of "The Hall of Fame" podcast. As Zayn was "all in" on being a mat-slapping, hand-throwing babyface in "WWE NXT," Booker saw potential. As Zayn made his way over to the main roster and worked his way up the card, he transformed himself into the "Honorary Uce," taking center stage in the story of The Bloodline.

"Give me 10 Sammy Zayns. Give me 20 of these guys. I could start a company," Booker said, describing Zayn as a "utility guy." Fulfilling a variety of roles, such as wrestling Johnny Knoxville at WrestleMania 38, Zayn handled them with grace. "He's that guy that could go out there and take that role and just be it, and no matter what it is, [he'd say], 'Hey, just give me the next one. I'm ready for it.' That's what I love about that guy," Booker said.

Heading into the 2023 Royal Rumble, Booker echoed similar sentiments about Zayn, revealing that the former Intercontinental Champion ranked high among those he envisioned winning the annual 30-man Royal Rumble match due his "lighting-in-a-bottle effect." While Zayn didn't win, or even compete at the premium live event, Zayn certainly made an impact, as he drew a line between himself and The Bloodline.

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