Matt Hardy Says WWE Elimination Chamber Loss Didn't Hurt Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn had a major opportunity when he faced off against Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship in his hometown of Montreal, Quebec, Canada at Elimination Chamber — however, fate would not flow in the way of the hometown hero on the night. Reigns defeated Zayn after nailing the former "Honorary Uce" with a second spear. Following this match, many online questioned whether or not this was the right direction for WWE to go — as some believed that they could have potentially had Zayn take on Royal Rumble winner Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania 39 instead of Reigns.

AEW star Matt Hardy addressed whether or not he believes that Reigns defeating Zayn was the right direction for WWE to go. "I don't think it was controversial at all," Hardy said while on "The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy." "I thought it was pro wrestling at its absolute best. I thought it was done so well. I thought Sami Zayn having the match that he had against Roman ... in losing, it still elevated Sami Zayn."

With his belief that Zayn was elevated even in a loss, Hardy addressed why he believes a title change at Elimination Chamber would not have been the right move. "You have to always remember the bigger picture and the greater good and greater good is like, doing a title change at WrestleMania." With the official WrestleMania 39 match being Rhodes versus Reigns, Hardy revealed if he would have Rhodes win the title by ending the "Tribal Chief's" historic reign. "I think the call to go with, to go with Cody and let him be the guy to defeat Roman I think that's the way to go," Hardy said. "I think it's the right move and I don't think it hurts Sami one bit."

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