Mark Sterling Issues Warning To Mark Briscoe, Lucha Bros Ahead Of AEW Dynamite

Since officially becoming All Elite, Mark Briscoe has had some issues with Mark Sterling and his clients: Josh Woods, Tony Nese, and Ari Daivari. So far, Briscoe has gotten the better of these exchanges, defeating Woods in singles action on "AEW Dynamite" after the Lucha Brothers fought off Nese and Daivari, followed by Briscoe beating up Woods again during last week's tag team battle royal, distracting Nese and Daivari and leading to their elimination by, you guessed it, the Lucha Brothers. To no one's surprise, Sterling is mad as hell about this and isn't going to take it anymore. In an interview with Lexy Nair shared on AEW social media, Sterling made it very clear that he, Nese, Woods, and Daivari are not going to take these issues lying down.

"I thought we were done with Mark Briscoe," Sterling said. "I offered my services, to him. He said no, that's fine, Josh Woods beat him up on 'Dynamite,' in one of the highest-rated 'Dynamites' of all time. That's fine. I thought we were done, so we set our sights onto the tag team championships during the battle royal. And then Mark Briscoe comes out there like an insane man, a couple chickens short of a chicken coop, and he attacks Josh Woods brutally. 

"And of course, Tony Nese, Ari Daivari, they're going to be concerned with their friend, and in that pandemonium, they're eliminated from that match by the Lucha Brothers. Now here's what I think. I think that Mark Briscoe and the Lucha Brothers are in cahoots! And if they do it again, if they interfere in our business again, they're going to be hearing from their lawyer, which is me."