Bobby Fish On Potential WWE Return: 'Anything Is Possible'

When it comes to professional wrestling, "never say never" is a phrase that has been bandied about quite often. Yet strangely, it always applies. Bobby Fish currently finds himself wrestling on the independent circuit again, but he holds the distinction of performing for both WWE and AEW. Therefore, Paul "Triple H" Levesque being back in a position of creative authority with the former has led to speculation of Fish potentially returning to WWE in the future. On the "Going Broadway Podcast," he spoke about the freedom he's been able to enjoy.

"At the moment I am a free agent, so I can pop up literally anywhere and everywhere," Fish said. "Which is kinda cool, because it's not been that way for like a decade."

After departing AEW, Fish had a brief run in Impact Wrestling and then made a brief return to New Japan Pro-Wrestling. Fish's newfound freedom also led to him being booked on a boxing card headlined by Floyd Mayweather last November — something he wouldn't have been able to do if he'd been under contract.

"Just enjoying the freedom, you know? Not having to ask for permission," he continued.

In April Fish will head to Europe to mix it up with Will Ospreay, but he's not ready to rule out a WWE return either.

"I mean anything's possible at this point," Fish added. "I'm enjoying the freedom and not entirely sure what's to come. Not having to ask permission or get clearance to do something — this interview at a time a year ago would've had to have been cleared — so it's just nice as a bill-paying adult to not have to ask permission."

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