Matt Cardona Reacts To WWE Filing To Trademark 'Zack Ryder'

Matt Cardona has reacted to the news that WWE filed to trademark 'Zack Ryder,' but has given nothing away regarding what this means for his future in wrestling. "Smart," he tweeted before taking a joking approach to the situation by adding, "Gotta protect us ECW Originals." Of course, he was part of WWE's version of ECW, something that he talks about frequently, and even led to him having an online feud with a legitimate ECW original in Bully Ray, which they eventually settled in the ring. However, while Cardona has provided a tongue-in-cheek response, the news is likely to get the rumor mill swirling again about a potential WWE comeback. While Cardona's old name wasn't the only one WWE filed to trademark, as Ezekiel Jackson, Dolph Ziggler, and Drew McIntyre were also part of that for "entertainment services" purposes, his inclusion is perhaps the most interesting.

Ever since he parted ways with WWE, Cardona has openly admitted he would be up for competing at WrestleMania again or working inside Madison Square Garden. Then before the Royal Rumble, there had been rumors that Cardona was potentially going to make a return, and at that very show his wife, Chelsea Green did appear. Her return has only added more fuel to the fire regarding Cardona's future, but at this point, a trademark filing is nothing concrete.

Cardona is continuing to find success outside WWE, having recently won the Jericho Cruise Oceanic Championship, while also feuding against Joe Hendry in Impact Wrestling. Interestingly, Cardona himself recently tried to trademark 'Zack Ryder,' and while he was ultimately denied that, it does seemingly reinforce Cardona's stated desire to never portray Zack Ryder in WWE again.