Eddie Kingston Deserves To Be On AEW Dynamite, Not Ring Of Honor

Last night after "AEW Dynamite," following his participation in the Face of the Revolution ladder match, Eddie Kingston defiantly announced that he was quitting the company in a backstage segment posted to social media. Kingston has been vocal on social media and in interviews in recent weeks hinting toward unhappiness with AEW management, but it appears to be a storyline. Based on spoilers coming out of the recent Ring of Honor tapings, Kingston is bound for ROH, set to challenge his longtime rival Claudio Castagnoli for the company's top belt — likely at the upcoming Supercard of Honor PPV.

While the Ring of Honor World Championship does hold a certain level of prestige, there's no denying that a streaming television show isn't on the same level as an internationally-televised production. As of now, it's unclear why exactly Kingston is seemingly being shifted from AEW to ROH, but one thing is certain — Kingston has a strong connection with the AEW audience, and the best way to utilize his talent is on the larger brand's roster.

Kingston's Instant Audience Connection

For most wrestlers, building a strong connection with an audience can often take many years. Kingston, though? It started on the night he debuted. Let's think back to July 16, 2020. Cody Rhodes was in the midst of his first TNT Championship reign and was holding regular open challenges, with stars like Ricky Starks and "Jungle Boy" Jack Perry stepping up to the plate. After calling Rhodes out at an independent show, Kingston got the call and was brought in as Rhodes' next challenger. Unlike most of the other open challenges up to that point, Kingston was given a microphone, and with it, he altered the entire trajectory of his career in a manner of minutes.

Kingston came up short against Rhodes, but he put on an incredible performance, and the audience was immediately behind him. The following week, he was signed to AEW as a full-time performer. Within his first six months on the roster, Kingston took part in two AEW World Championship matches, including the main event of Full Gear 2020. It wouldn't be a stretch to call Kingston's rise meteoric, and it can all be attributed to his ability to make the fans care about everything he did.

The Perfect Foil to MJF

Starting in 2021 with the lackluster conclusion to his feud with Chris Jericho, Kingston has taken a backseat on AEW television. The move over to Ring of Honor is just the latest indication that Kingston's talent is currently being underutilized. For much of the last year, Kingston was kept off "Dynamite," instead making many of his appearances on "AEW Rampage." Additionally, he was relegated to the pre-show of the last two AEW PPVs, with his Anarchy in the Arena appearance at Double or Nothing 2022 marking the last time Kingston appeared on a PPV main card. During a time when AEW is in need of some captivating storytelling, Kingston should be being built up as a future opponent for AEW World Champion Maxwell Jacob Friedman rather than moved over to another brand.

In many ways, Kingston and MJF are exact opposites, and a narrative-heavy rivalry between the two would make for some can't-miss television. Kingston has been open about his rough upbringing, while Friedman was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. While MJF holds an open disdain for the AEW audience, Kingston has a tough-love attitude with a focus on fighting adversity and overcoming mental health obstacles.

Despite their many differences, there is one thing both Kingston and MJF have in common — a propensity to spit pure fire on the microphone. While a match, or multiple matches, between the two would serve as excellent entertainment, it's the build-up to a fight that would really see these two men shine.

If Kingston really is moving over to Ring of Honor, fans can only hope that the shift is a relatively short one. It would truly be a crime if Kingston vs. MJF with the world championship on the line never comes to pass.