The Gunns Each Choose Their Favorite Non-Billy Gunn DX Member

Long before he helped cultivate the trend of scissoring alongside The Acclaimed in All Elite Wrestling, Billy Gunn soared to popularity amidst the rise of one of WWE's most beloved stables, D-Generation X. Under the leadership of Triple H, Gunn joined X-Pac and Brian "Road Dogg" James as the newest recruits of DX in 1998. Throughout their various run and iterations, the group maintained their appeal with their defiant attitudes and natural ability to keep the audience entertained, and in 2019, the faction's legacy was honored with an induction into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Therefore, it's only natural that growing up with a DX dad, the reigning AEW World Tag Team Champions Austin and Colten Gunn would have a favorite in the faction. But what if it couldn't be their dad — who they're in the middle of some family drama with at the moment anyway? When "Under The Ring" asked the Gunn brothers about their favorite member of DX, aside from "Daddy Ass," they each had different points of view. 

For Austin, Brian James holds a special place in his heart. "Road Dogg has always been a fan of us. He's told us that from day one before he went back [to WWE]. He just sat us down and just told us everything we were doing right, everything we were doing wrong and how to get it done," he said. Austin continued on to describe James as an "uncle figure" and someone who he grew up idolizing. With James' mentorship, the brothers grew close to him as well.

Colten Gunn, on the other hand, developed an affinity for one of the three original members of the group. "[My favorite] would definitely be Shawn Michaels," he said. "Just the way he sells and everything about him is — everyone calls him the greatest in-ring performer ... Shawn Michaels, just everything about what he does is phenomenal."