Superstar Billy Graham's Health Takes A Turn For The Worse In New Update

There are rough times, and then there's what WWE Hall-of-Famer "Superstar" Billy Graham has been going through recently. Health issues have been par the course for the former WWE Champion, who's been dealing with various ailments for decades. But things have recently gotten worse, with Graham spending the last month in the hospital due to an ear infection that spread into his skull.

Sadly, the latest update from Graham's wife, which was posted on Graham's Facebook page late Sunday, seems to offer little relief for the Superstar. "Would you please put an update up," Valerie said. "He has acute renal failure and they will start dialysis tomorrow to support his kidneys... not sure of the cause at this point... too soon. Also pray for his pneumonia but some kind of inflammation or something .They've just gotten him to his room...thank you."

In addition to these recent developments and his ear infection, Graham also had to battle COVID-19, which he contracted a little over a week ago. It's unclear if his contracting COVID is related or not to his other recent health struggles. A GoFundMe page set up for Graham also revealed that the 79-year-old wrestling legend is also dealing with congestive heart failure, diabetes, and hearing loss, among other issues. It was also noted that Graham had recently coded, but that he ultimately survived, and that he had lost 45 lbs during his hospital stay. Graham's Go-Fund-Me page is looking to raise up to $25,000 to help cover medical expenses for his lengthy hospitalization. As of this writing, the page has raised over $6,000.