Dax Harwood Describes The Wave Of Emotions FTR Felt Before Their Appearance At AEW Revolution

FTR's return at AEW Revolution was quite the moment for the tag team, as they seek retribution on the AEW World Tag Team Champions The Gunns. They haven't stepped foot inside an AEW ring in months, and while there's no telling how long they'll stick around, Dax Harwood will tell you that the reception they got on Sunday night was special.  

"[It was] super emotional, because Cash [Wheeler] and I were so nervous going into that," Harwood said on the latest episode of "FTR With Dax." "No one knew we were there. We walked straight from our — we had our first ever private locker room. We walked straight from this private locker room right through the curtain. Tony gave us carte blanche to do what we want," he added, "and what we wanted to do was beat the s**t out of the Ass Boys. And that's what we did, and they, as you can see, and what you saw, they beat the s**t out of us, too."

The huge response to their surprise appearance meant a lot to Harwood and Wheeler, so much so that they took a minute before coming out to soak it all in and keep themselves in check. "I didn't want to walk out and have a tear in my eye, you know what I mean? I wanted to take those few seconds, in my own zone, in my own time, and soak all that in, and listen to it," Harwood said. "And then we walked out, and the reaction got even louder when we walked out, so I had to take care of myself there, too. But yeah, that was awesome."

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