Xavier Woods Responds To Ridge Holland Getting Death Threats Over Big E Injury

Last March, The New Day's Big E was on the unfortunate end of a suplex gone awry, which ultimately resulted in a broken neck. Oftentimes, wrestling fans take out their anger on the wrestler deemed responsible for an injury. That brings us to Ridge Holland, the man who delivered the fateful suplex to Big E. Sunday night, Holland tweeted that he and his family were being attacked, saying "Death threats. Threats to my family. Lobbying for me to lose my job. Being labeled as racist. Great stuff. keep 'em coming."


In response, fellow New Day member Xavier Woods did not mince words when telling fans to lay off, tweeting: "Pro Wrestling is extremely dangerous. All of us involved understand that. Ridge and his family do not deserve to be treated this way. Please do not send any hate towards them." At the time of the injury, Big E squashed any talk of there being issues between him and Holland, and in fact mirrored Woods' tweet fairly closely. There is no getting around the dangers of wrestling, and while a broken neck definitely lands on the extreme side of injuries wrestlers can suffer, it has happened many times. Thankfully, Big E continues to recover and though his wrestling future is up in the air, by all accounts he's doing well.


Wishing death on Holland and going after his family isn't going to erase that night, or the injury Big E suffered. After addressing those threats, though, Woods didn't stop there. "Instead use your energy to do something positive like sending love to E. Be kind. Please be kind," he concluded.