Matt Cardona Offers Himself As Potential Bobby Lashley Opponent At WrestleMania

With question marks surrounding the rumored Bobby Lashley vs. Bray Wyatt match at WrestleMania 39, the "All-Mighty" could be in need of a brand new opponent for the biggest show of the year. But could that opponent come from outside the WWE roster? Lashley tweeted that he doesn't care who he faces at WrestleMania, but has worked too hard to be denied, which led to a response from Matt Cardona. "My last @WWE match? & My First Match back," Cardona tweeted with some thinking emojis before adding his traditional #AlwayzReady, teasing the idea that he could make his WWE return to face Lashley on "The Grandest Stage Of Them All." 


Lashley defeated Cardona in just over three minutes on a 2020 "WWE Raw," which proved to be Cardona's final match before being released by the company. However, since then he has gone on to reinvent himself, becoming a highly sought after name due to his work for the likes of GCW, Impact Wrestling, and the NWA. A return to WWE for Cardona has been rumored in recent times, and that has only intensified since his wife Chelsea Green made her WWE comeback.

Whether or not Cardona actually heads back to WWE remains to be seen, but Lashley might not need a new opponent after all, as it has been reported that his planned match with Wyatt is still expected to be going ahead. The two men have had several interactions as of late, but that has cooled off recently due to a "physical issue" resulting in Wyatt not being used on television.