Lance Storm Provides Health Update After Recent Hospitalization

On the surface, things appear to b good for Impact Wrestling producer Lance Storm recently, as the retired Canadian wrestler and trainer was recently inducted into the North Bay Sports Hall of Fame in Ontario. As all that has been going on, however, Storm has been dealing with some rather difficult health issues regarding his heart, which led to him going to the hospital last week. On the latest episode of "Figure Four Daily," Storm got serious for a minute and revealed he's had a follow-up appointment for his issues last week.

"I went to my doctor today, and he sent me for some follow-up tests," Storm said. "I haven't got results back on them, but they did more blood work and another ECG. I've taken lots of ECGs of late, I'll tell you that."

Storm revealed that he was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, and admitted he no longer felt indestructible for the first time in his life. He further noted that his blood work came back showing him to be in good health, which further worried him due to the sudden nature of his health scare, indicating that the cause for the atrial fibrillation had yet to be uncovered. Storm also noted that the scare could end up affecting his health and travel insurance, as atrial fibrillation is considered a heart condition, and that he was looking into seeing if he would be forced to pay higher premiums going forward. Nevertheless, despite his uneasiness and the "headache" he described regarding potential rising premiums, Storm revealed that he's overall feeling the same as he had before his hospital stay.

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