Dax Harwood Hopes Wrestling Fans Can Respect FTR's Decided Contract Choice

It's no secret that FTR's contracts with AEW are finished in April. And for all the months of back-and-forth as to where the tag team might sign next, Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler have made a decision. It's just not one they've shared with everyone yet. But on this week's "FTR With Dax" podcast, Harwood provided a little bit of context on what the major factors were in where the ultimately came down with their choice.

"I think it's going to benefit my family, I think it's going to benefit our fans as well, and I think they're going to benefit, enjoy what we decide to do," Harwood shared. "If we decided to stay with AEW, so many of the other WWE fans would say that, you know, that we were too afraid to go back ... On the flip side if we decided to take our career and go back to WWE, the AEW fans would say that we turned our back on the company that made us."

Regardless of what FTR ultimately announces as their next destination, Harwood just wants one thing: "I just hope that ultimately all wrestling fans can respect the decision that we make — that we have made — because it's going to benefit us."

FTR recently returned to AEW TV to once again pick up their feud with the AEW World Tag Team Champions The Gunns. With the clock ticking on their current pact, the direction of how that program goes could signal what FTR's going to do next. If they suddenly find themselves with those AEW titles around their waists, it's a pretty good sign that they may be sticking around. But, if they do business and put over The Gunns definitively, they may likely be on their way out, bound for WWE. After all, FTR will be in Los Angeles during WrestleMania week for a WrestleCon appearance and for Harwood to record a live episode of the podcast. 

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