Ronda Rousey And Liv Morgan Wanted A Traditional Hardcore Match In Their WWE Feud

When they met last year at Extreme Rules, both Ronda Rousey and Liv Morgan had designs on doing something much more hardcore than what we got in their "SmackDown" Women's Championship match. While they called upon a variety of standard weapons — a bat, steel chairs, a table, and even Rousey's Judo belt — the ladies wanted to go farther. 

According to "Wrestling Observer Radio," Rousey and Morgan wanted their battle to be more in line with some of the more extreme men's hardcore matches of the past, seeking to introduce thumbtacks and items of that nature. However, their idea was turned down, something that left Rousey feeling frustrated with the limitations put on their bout. Those feelings surfaced on Instagram when Rousey blasted the "octogenarians" of WWE for the lack of investment in women's storylines these days. Rousey's comments took most by surprise, especially since Extreme Rules was several months ago. However, Rousey made it clear she wondered what her feud with Morgan could have looked like had more effort been put into it behind the scenes. Morgan has been open in the past about wanting to compete in more violent affairs – such as Hell In A Cell bouts, Steel Cage matches, and Street Fights. 

Morgan and Rousey will have the opportunity to tangle once again this weekend at WrestleMania 39. Both are a part of the four-way women's showcase tag team match; Rousey is teaming with Shayna Baszler while Morgan will be partnered up with Raquel Rodriguez. Might we see thumbtacks introduced into the mix then? Never say never in WWE.