Vince McMahon Was Reportedly 'Supervising' Night 1 Of WWE WrestleMania 39, But Triple H Was In Charge

Going into the first night of WWE WrestleMania 39, we knew Vince McMahon would be in attendance. Now, thanks to PWInsider, we know more about what exactly he was doing.

Early in the evening, PWI reported in its Elite section that McMahon had his own office backstage right next to the Gorilla position. According to the report, McMahon wasn't just there in a social capacity, as he had been for a recent episode of "WWE Raw" — PWI noted that McMahon was "supervising the show" and was asking questions and providing feedback via headset. PWI followed up this report with another one later on, this time clarifying that was McMahon was indeed supervising, WWE Chief Content Officer Paul "Triple H" Levesque "was on headset all night running and directing" the event, and that Levesque "was the point person in charge," particularly after the show actually began.

McMahon, who is WWE's majority shareholder and has been running the company for nearly 40 years, announced his retirement last summer in the wake of allegations surrounded alleged hush money payments intended to cover up potential charges of sexual abuse, a departure that saw Levesque step into his current role. McMahon has since returned to his former position of executive chairman of WWE's board of directors and signed a new employment contract with the company on Friday, the day before WrestleMania. Speculation has run rampant on whether or not McMahon has also been contributing to WWE programming creatively, as he has for his entire career.