Backstage News On Santana's Current AEW Status

Proud and Powerful, one of the first great tag teams to sign to AEW in 2019, has been out of commission since Santana suffered a severe knee injury in last year's Blood and Guts match. While Ortiz has continued to compete sporadically on AEW and Ring of Honor television, the relationship between the tag team partners is seemingly strained, leading many to question what Santana will do when he recovers from his injury and whether or not he will remain with AEW when he returns to pro wrestling.


It seems as though, at least for right now, Santana remains under contract for AEW, according to recent reports from Fightful Select. Santana is currently still with the company and has been paid for the duration of his injury. This may come as a surprise to many fans familiar with Santana's morale ahead of his injury; The former Inner Circle member was seemingly counting down the days until his AEW contract expired in tweets that have since been deleted before being sidelined last June.

Despite him currently still being a part of the Tony Khan-led company, the question of whether or not Santana plans to remain with the company when he eventually does fully recover remains unknown. Fightful also reports that it is very possible that Santana's contract was meant to expire late last year but has been extended due to his time away to deal with his injury.


While Tony Khan has not made any public statements about Santana's injury since last summer, Fightful suggests that the AEW president is consistent regarding his policy to continue paying injured wrestlers regardless of the nature of their contract.