Eric Bischoff Doesn't Care That CM Punk Could Be Returning To AEW

Waves were made this week when it was reported that AEW is tentatively planning to bring CM Punk back around the June 21 "AEW Dynamite," which happens to be in Chicago. The former AEW World Champion has also been in contact with them, reportedly laying out possible return scenarios. Many are weighing in on the situation, and Eric Bischoff has unsurprisingly added his name to the list. This week on "Strictly Business," the former WCW boss bluntly sounded off on Punk potentially returning to Tony Khan's promotion.


"Don't give a f***," he stated. "Who cares? This is just such drama for the sake of drama." Though, Bischoff then added that it's good for AEW this drama is actually happening, before declaring "there's nothing worthwhile watching AEW for." He also labeled the current product "flat" and "boring," but despite all of the drama outside of the ring, he wishes Khan "had the ability to somehow manufacture a fraction, a small fraction, an infinitesimal amount" of that inside the ring, it'd be a completely different scenario. As for Punk, there's no denying the impact he's had on the industry. Chris Jericho not being keen on Punk aside, he's proven to be good for business. Whether he's good for the long-term health of AEW is another question.


Despite labeling Punk "overblown" and "highly overrated," Bischoff believes he has leverage and that he's smart for using that leverage. He also knows his return will have an impact. Initially, that is. "If he comes back, it'll make a lot of noise. Everybody in the AEW world will be foaming at the mouth," Bischoff continued. "A month later, things will be right back to where they are right now, which is an average viewing audience of 850-to-900,000 people. And nobody will give any more of a damn six months from now than they do today."

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit "Strictly Business" with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.