EFFY Calls WWE Staff Member Gabe Sapolsky 'The Problem With The Entire Industry Today'

If there's one thing the pro wrestling news cycle has been eating up recently, it's beef between prominent wrestling figures. That was on display Monday morning, and it's beef between two men who have a long history of bad blood. They are, of course, WWE staff member Gabe Sapolsky and independent wrestling star EFFY.

Taking to Twitter, EFFY posted a short statement accompanied by a two-minute video, where he proceeded to tear into Sapolsky with reckless abandon.

"Recently, some things have been brought to my attention that sound complimentary, but I take a little issue with them," EFFY said. "Gabe Sapolsky, you've been holding seminars online and discussing things about how EFFY is wonderful at branding and selling myself and making money, and of f*****g course I am! But I politely ask that you keep my name out of your f*****g mouth. Because you're the problem with the entire industry today.

"For years at EVOLVE, because you did something good with CM Punk at Ring of Honor, you could manipulate and gaslight and carrot dangle and underpay and lie to people about pay, and give them t-shirts, or let them set up the ring for two years and then never really give them other opportunities. And most egregiously of all, making more money on seminars than any of those shows ever actually drew on their own ticket-making foundation. You, sir, are the problem with what's holding indie wrestling down. You, sir, are the creative control that keeps people from having agency over themselves."

Gabe Sapolsky Deletes Response To EFFY's Criticism

EFFY also claimed that Sapolsky attempted to talk the former GCW Tag Team Champion out of doing certain things in his act, which EFFY believes helped lead to him becoming a bigger star. He also referred to Sapolsky as a "fraud" and a "fool," suggested most people had forgotten Sapolsky  after he was rehired by WWE, and accused Sapolsky of "yelling and screaming and acting like a petulant child in an environment that should be wonderful, nourishing, and uplifting to those that are there."

Sapolsky got word of EFFY's comments shortly after, and himself took to Twitter to respond. The former ROH and EVOLVE booker would delete the tweet shortly after, but as with everything on social media, his comments were captured by several Twitter users, who have since posted them via a screenshot.

"Actually EFFY this is the gaslighting, lies, and great exaggerations," Sapolsky tweeted. "You could have asked me this in person when you waved at me at GCW and I was standing next to you in backstage instead of using me for tribalism marketing now. I give my heart/soul to indies & will always help."

EFFY has since mockingly acknowledged Sapolsky's deleted tweet, and also stated his "wave" to Sapolsky was one dismissively telling WWE staff member goodbye. As stated in his original tweet, EFFY will be running "Monday Not Raw" on Twitch later tonight, though he suggested he wouldn't delve deeper into his issues with Sapolsky there.