Trish Stratus Takes Credit For Attack On Lita On WWE Raw

Back in February, WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus returned to the fray to help Lita, as well as Becky Lynch, defeat Dakota Kai and IYO SKY for the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship. But not even two months later, and only one week after teaming with Lita and Lynch to defeat Damage CTRL at WrestleMania 39, Stratus turned on "The Man" on the April 10 episode of "Raw" after losing the Women's Tag Team titles to Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez. Of course, she only participated in the match to begin with because Lita had been attacked earlier in the evening. So Monday night on "Raw," Stratus came clean, admitting that she was the one responsible for taking out her fellow Hall of Famer. So, what made the former seven-time WWE Women's Champion do it? A lack of gratitude from Lynch, apparently, as well as a lack of recognition from the WWE Universe. Stratus took credit for the relevance of the current women's division and brushed aside her supposed best friend in the process.


"I took out Lita, yeah," Stratus said to the crowd in Little Rock, Arkansas. "And the reason I needed Lita out of the picture is because I needed it to be crystal clear that the person who screwed Becky Lynch out of her titles was me."

Stratus didn't stop there, though, knowing full well that Lynch wasn't even in the building Monday night.

"Becky, I am not your friend and there will be no next time, and I made a point that very moment that I was going to make everything right. And I took out 'The Man' just like that," Stratus continued, before declaring herself "the greatest of all time" and "the single most important figure in the history of WWE."