Eric Bischoff Comments On The Possibility Of CM Punk Wrestling The Elite In AEW

With CM Punk's AEW return looking closer to becoming a reality, many are starting to wonder how the company is going to handle the backstage issues between the former world champion and several on the roster. 


According to one of Punk's closest friends within AEW, Dax Harwood, the move would be to channel the off-screen issues into an on-screen rivalry, pinning FTR and Punk against The Elite's Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks in a high-profile Wembley Stadium match on August 27.

Although it sounds like a fantastic idea on the surface, WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff thinks the opposite, stating that he wouldn't trust the current brain trust involved with AEW's creative to tell the right story. During the latest episode of his "Strictly Business" podcast, Bischoff mentioned that it would take imagination and cooperation from both sides to make this work, which he doesn't believe can be achieved given Punk's track record in situations like this. 


He questioned how serious Punk is in wanting to come back given his recent post about Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley a few weeks back. Bischoff called the situation "stupid" and said the people involved are "equally as stupid" for trying to make this work knowing the situation will end up being the same as it's been with Punk in AEW.

"If I was Tony [Khan], I'd just eat the however many millions of dollars a year he's [Punk] being paid, just pay the cat off and just chalk it up as a learning experience," Bischoff said. "You're either going to pay this cat off and learn a hard lesson and move on with your life or you're going to let this festering wound continue to infect the rest of your business going forward and you're still paying him. I don't get it."