Dustin Rhodes Thinks Modern Wrestling Pulls Back The Curtain Too Often

With over 30 years experience in pro wrestling, AEW's Dustin Rhodes has seen and done it all, including a Canadian Destroyer from time to time. As such, Rhodes knows that in order to survive, one has to evolve with the times, including abandoning some of the ways set forth in previous generations in favor of something more modern. However, Rhodes is an old-school wrestler at heart, and he thinks there are things from the past that should still be applied to modern wrestling. One of those, which he revealed on Busted Open Radio, is that wrestling may be better off if it pulled back a bit on giving fans a look behind the curtain.


"There's certain aspects of the behind-the-curtain [stuff] I believe are okay," Rhodes said. "But then, there are certain aspects that I will still be in my old school ways of kayfabing and keeping the mystique as long as I can. And like you said, wrestling has grown through so many eras and has progressed and gotten different, and there's a 'Oh, look behind the curtain now' it seems every day there's something. And I get it. You either got to grow or you got to go with it, you know what I mean?"

"But it's like ... there's certain aspects of the backstage area that should be off limits to me, personally, because ... look, the wrestling audience is smart," Rhodes continued. "They know a lot of what's going on. Or do they? Because we don't have that chance to keep it private and secret anymore, to like 'Whoa, god dang man.' They see it all, so there's no surprise element. It makes it hard, but you've just got to keep going, you know what I mean?"


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