Britt Baker On Building The AEW Locker Room: 'You Have To Have An Army'

Since the dawn of AEW in 2019, there has been a ton of pressure on Dr. Britt Baker DMD. Not only was she the first woman signed to the promotion, but she's also been the women's division's biggest star, winning the Women's title in 2021, the Women's Owen Hart Invitational in 2022, and has arguably had the biggest women's matches in AEW history against on and off-screen rival Thunder Rosa.


But through it all, it appears Baker hasn't let all the success go to her head. In an interview with "Headliner Chicago," with her partner and fellow AEW star Adam Cole by her side, Baker stressed that she hasn't built up the AEW women's division all by herself. She feels that it has, and will continue to be, a team effort between herself and the rest of the AEW women's locker room.

"You have to have an army with you," Baker said. "You just can't be fighting by yourself. You have to have people on your side, and we want AEW to succeed. I want us to have the best women's division in the world — and a lot of people can say that maybe we do have the best women's division in the world — but then we have to have a whole roster full of huge stars and great wrestlers and great promos."


Her goal is for fans to care and be fully invested in the women's matches, and also said that she would be doing a disservice to herself if she didn't elevate the women in the company.

"You have to help out, you have to elevate women when you have the opportunity, when you have the chance," said Baker.

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