AEW World Champ MJF Goes On Cat 'Play Date' With New Best Friend Sammy Guevara

On the most recent "AEW Dynamite," MJF formed a conditional friendship with Sammy Guevara following the announcement of the Four Pillars Tournament. While their bond was forged through a blank check that MJF gave to Guevara, the friendship has seemingly blossomed beyond merely a business relationship in the past few days.

MJF took to Twitter recently to further cement his and Guevara's friendship, posting a picture of the two on Facetime holding their cats. "Guess who had their first play date today?!?!?" was the caption assigned to the image, implying that he plans on the friendship being a long-term thing. While it remains to be seen whether that will be the case, the alliance will at least last until the second round of the Four Pillars Tournament, as Guevara faces Darby Allin in a match that MJF definitely has a favorite to win.

Despite their current "friendship," Guevara and MJF have plenty of bad blood dating back to their time as stablemates in Chris Jericho's Inner Circle in 2021. Guevara's bitter rivalry with MJF briefly caused the "Spanish God" to leave the group, before he ultimately returned to the faction when MJF created The Pinnacle one month later. As for the current association between MJF and Guevara, many question its longevity. With a month to go until Double or Nothing, and the Four Pillars Tournament already being riddled with controversy, there is still time for plenty of new developments amongst the four men as the fourth anniversary of AEW approaches.