Braun Strowman Provides Update On Condition After Suffering Concussion

Earlier this week, reports surfaced that Braun Strowman had suffered a concussion over the weekend and had been pulled from live events as a result. Yesterday, Strowman took to Twitter to express his gratitude to fans who had reached out about his condition and provided a vague update on where things sit for him at the moment. 

"Thank you to everyone that has reached out. I am doing much better," Strowman tweeted. "Hate missing work. Sorry to everyone over the weekend that was looking forward to me performing. We are taking every proper step to make sure I recover to 100%."

Concussions can be tricky, as there really is no blueprint for one's recovery nor an established timeline for getting through it. As a result, how long Strowman will remain out of action is completely up in the air. However, it is good to see that his injury is being taken serious and he is being treated carefully in order to safely get back to the ring when possible. 

Since returning to WWE last year, Strowman has shown himself to be much more humble about his presence in professional wrestling, which he learned is not guaranteed after his release in 2021. "[Now,] I take every opportunity that this company gives me because I don't know when my last opportunity's going to be," he said earlier this month. "I take every one that they give me and I do the absolute most that I can with it because they are that special."