WWE Has A New Writer For Bray Wyatt, According To Road Dogg

Bray Wyatt has been absent from WWE programming since March, reportedly due to an unknown physical illness. However, according to WWE producer Brian "Road Dogg" James on the "Oh... You Didn't Know?" podcast, the company has brought in a new writer to work on material for Wyatt, possibly signaling a near-future return for the WWE star is in the works.

"We have a new writer, actually, for Bray now," James said. "So we'll see how all of that unfolds down the road." James was in the midst of explaining that the company previously had one writer specifically working on Wyatt's promos, who understood the character's voice and could quickly churn out material for Wyatt to use.

Initially, Wyatt's content was handled by Rob Fee, who is WWE's Director of Longterm Creative. Fee had been employed previously by Marvel, and was brought on by WWE late last year in tandem with Wyatt returning to the company. Fee was credited with the "White Rabbit" QR codes that ran through WWE programming in the lead up to Wyatt's October return at Extreme Rules. So monumental was Fee's signing, that even AEW World Champion MJF had kind words for the writer, calling him "salt of the earth" in a tweet that is either a sincere compliment or more of MJF's wry acknowledgments of WWE in the name of getting under the skin of some of AEW's more tribalistic fans.

There is no word on what Fee's responsibilities have been since Wyatt's stories were seemingly scuttled from TV over the course of the past few months.