Anna Jay Remembers Working With Brodie Lee, Dark Order: 'Still Like Family To Me'

Anna Jay's early AEW days are largely remembered for her ties to one of the company's longest-lasting factions, the Dark Order. "The Queen Slayer" joined the group in the summer of 2020 before exiting in July 2022 as she adopted a more aggressive attitude. She may now be referred to as Anna Jay AS, indicative of her recent allegiance to the Jericho Appreciation Society, but Jay will never forget the valuable time she spent with the Dark Order, and their former leader, Brodie Lee.

Speaking with PWMania, Jay opened up about her long tenure with the Dark Order. "Those guys are still like family to me, and we'll always have that bond," she said. "Working with Brodie Lee was incredible, and looking back at that I thought it was such an honor, but now even more so. I'm so happy I had that. Working with him, and the rest of the guys, was just incredible. It was also some of the most fun I think I've had working in AEW to this day."

Unfortunately, Lee's leadership reign came to a tragic end in December 2020 as he passed away at the age of 41. In the years following his death, several performers have paid tribute to "The Exalted One," including the remaining, and former, members of the Dark Order. Jay too is extremely grateful for the brief time she spent under his guidance. "I was so lucky to be able to come into the company and work with that group. I'm forever thankful for those guys and obviously Brodie Lee. I'm super lucky that happened. Those guys are all idiots, but like brothers to me," she said.

Though she has since shifted loyalties, Jay hasn't ruled out a Dark Order reunion.