Will Ospreay Reportedly Wants Creative Freedom In His Next Wrestling Contract

With his NJPW contract expiring in February 2024, Will Ospreay has already begun evaluating his next moves. Earlier this year, Ospreay stated that his heart belonged to NJPW, but he also recognized that there might be more to learn elsewhere, indicating that he'd be open to exploring other opportunities. Regardless of where he signs, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Ospreay would like to maintain his residency in Essex, England, where his stepson is based as well. When considering the possibility of working, or even living, in the United States, Ospreay previously revealed that he had some hesitancy, as the US is relatively larger than the area he grew up in around London. Ospreay's stint in AEW last year did open his eyes a bit though, not only to his surroundings but to American wrestling as well.


Outside of his living situation, Ospreay is also craving creative freedom to perform the type of matches he likes, as long as his body allows it. Since the start of his career, Ospreay has adopted a high-flying style of wrestling, hence his nickname as "The Aerial Assassin." Unfortunately, that style has caused some health concerns for Ospreay, as he recently confessed that his body was "deteriorating" from the prolonged effects. As a result, he doesn't know much how much longer he'd be physically able to continue wrestling as a high-flyer.

While Ospreay's long-term future remains uncertain, his short-term plan is geared toward regaining the IWGP United States Championship. On May 21, Ospreay will compete against Hiroshi Tanahashi at NJPW Resurgence in a semi-finals match as part of the number one contender's tournament.