Omos Reportedly Impressed People Backstage With Performance At WWE Backlash

Seth "Freakin'" Rollins overcame Omos at WWE Backlash 2023, but Omos' performance has reportedly received some very positive feedback. 

According to PWInsider Elite, his outing pleased the right people behind the scenes in WWE. Furthermore, the Backlash bout was hailed as one of the best high-profile matches Omos has been involved in since joining the company. Despite the loss, "The Nigerian Giant" was booked to look strong against Rollins at Backlash. It took three of Rollins' trademark stomps to defeat him, with the final one coming from the top turnbuckle to seal the victory.

That said, while Omos' performance supposedly went down well with certain people in WWE, his booking has received some criticism from industry veterans. Jimmy Korderas thinks the loss could hurt Omos' momentum in the long run as he rarely topples main event-level stars. In Korderas' view, "The Nigerian Giant" won't become a headlining act in his own right until he starts beating credible opponents. This view was recently echoed by Booker T, who claimed that WWE failed to turn Omos into the "ultimate giant" at WrestleMania 39, where he lost to Brock Lesnar.

"The Nigerian Giant" has noted that he's happy with everything he's accomplished in WWE thus far, but he's always hungry for more. Omos wants to become the WWE Champion at some point, but it remains to be seen if WWE has similar plans for him down the line. As of this writing, the "Raw" Tag Team Championship is the only gold that he's held in WWE, and he's keen to add a singles title to his collection.