Becky Lynch Says Her Greatest WWE Rival Is Always Going To Be Charlotte Flair

Rivalries have been and always will be a crucial component of professional wrestling. Sometimes, it can simply be two individuals who work well together both inside and outside of the ring. Other times, real-life heat can get in the way, which has been the case for Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair in the recent past. Stopping by BBC's "My Love Letter to Wrestling" with Mark Andrews, "The Man" explained why she believes Flair will always be her biggest rival in WWE.

"I mean, I think my greatest rival is probably going to go down as Charlotte Flair," Lynch declared. "I think we've just had such a storied history, and I think that's always going to be the feud that people come back to and think of as maybe one that changed the game in terms of the story we were telling."

The story between Lynch and Flair spanned multiple years across memorable segments and hard-hitting matches. In the past, there have been claims of "The Queen" not handling Lynch's rise to fame within the company too well. And of course, the infamous Championship swapping segment in 2021, which led Lynch to openly question whether or not she could trust Flair when they did have to work together. There does, however, happen to be another rival of hers that she called upon — one who took her on a year-long feud for the "WWE Raw" Women's Championship.

"And then, Bianca Belair is one rival that will go down as one of the stories that I'm most proud of," she added.

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