Konnan Says He's Open To Working With Latino World Order In WWE If Asked

On March 31, on the eve of WWE WrestleMania 39, the Latino World Order returned in the form of Rey Mysterio and Legado Del Fantasma. That same night, the legendary luchador was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by Konnan, who was integral to Mysterio's professional wrestling career. But would the former WCW United States Heavyweight Champion ever consider doing a segment with the newly-reformed LWO? When asked during a recent episode of "K100," he didn't hesitate.


"Yeah, with LWO? Yeah," Konnan said. "They're all my friends."

The LWO have continued to work together in the weeks since their debut, primarily against The Judgment Day in an effort to balance the numbers. This bled into WWE Backlash in Puerto Rico earlier this month when, in his first singles match with the company, Bad Bunny took on Damian Priest in a Street Fight. Naturally the rest of The Judgment Day got involved, but the LWO had a couple more surprises up their sleeves. This time, in the form of Savio Vega and Carlito, who garnered some of the biggest reactions of the evening.

Konnan's relationship with the current iteration of the LWO doesn't begin and end solely with friendship. At one point or another, they've been colleagues as well. Between the members of Legado Del Fantasma, not to mention Mysterio, almost everyone involved has links to Konnan from their days in AAA, making the decision of whether or not to do a segment with them a simple one.


"Every single person in the LWO except Zelina worked for me in Mexico, or worked with me," Konnan said.

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit "K100" with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.