Trent Seven Discusses How Big Of A Fan Triple H Is Of Butch

Last summer when "NXT UK" shut down ahead of a future rebranding as "NXT Europe," Trent Seven was among the extensive group of talent that was released from their contracts. Since then, he has worked for a number of promotions around the world, including AEW and ROH


He recently said that the hardest part about leaving WWE is doing it without his long-time British Strong Style partners, Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate. With Dunne on "Smackdown" as Butch with The Brawling Brutes and Bate challenging for the North American Championship at NXT Battleground, Seven said in his recent appearance on "Touch Grass Wrestling" that making towns by himself is the hardest pill to swallow about being back on the independent scene. 

However, he's proud of their successes and particularly sees a bright future for the former "Bruiserweight," who continues to impress the right people.

"[Butch is] a badass and Triple H sees it," said the former NXT Tag Team Champion. "I remember sat at Gorilla watching Triple H and Shawn [Michaels] watching Pete Dunne and marking [out]. He is that good. That's the point. Every footage you see of Pete Dunne, he's working. 


"That's why he's just the best. Go watch any Pete Dunne match. Not even the ones that are globally famous. There's not one stage of it where he's not 100% working, dedicated to getting everything he can out of every move, motion, facial, look, the way he walks to the corner. Everything about him is just hyper-concentrated professional performance."

Though it's currently unclear what's going on with WWE's developmental system in Europe, there's always a possibility that Seven may find himself back with the company when operations resume. Until then, it seems like he'll continue to support his friends as a fan.