Road Dogg Says Michael Cole Is 'The Voice Of The WWE,' This Generation's Jim Ross

Brian "Road Dogg" James wants the pro wrestling world to show more respect towards Michael Cole, expressing his admiration for the veteran commentator. 

While the long-time voice of the promotion promises there's still plenty of work to be done, that hasn't stopped the praise from rolling in. From Renee Paquette to Jim Ross, those in the industry have long-admired Cole. WWE's Senior Vice President of Live Events, Road Dogg, is one among them, who praised Cole on his "Oh... You Didn't Know" podcast, even comparing him to the legendary Jim Ross.

"He's still there today doing it man," James said. "And doing it better — I'd say this is our generation's Jim Ross ... Michael Cole's the deal. He's the voice of the WWE, no doubt."

Before praising Cole, though, James couldn't help but remember the early days of their relationship. In fact, there was a time when "Road Dogg" and his New Age Outlaws partner Billy Gunn alongside X-Pac filmed a super soaker commercial together. The instructions were simple: Do not, under any circumstance, shoot Cole in the face. James and company were told that they had a change of clothes for the newcomer, but his makeup was all done. Naturally, they couldn't bring themselves to obey the simple instruction.

"Michael Cole, it was like his first week there, and he was in the commercial with us," he recalled. "And they came to us and said, 'No matter what, don't shoot him in the face.' Okay, here we go, and Kid looks at me and he goes, 'In his face, right?' I said, 'You damn right!'" 

James said X-Pac has apologized to Cole several times for the incident that happened all those years ago.

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