Lita Makes Surprise Appearance At Hoodslam Event, Despite WWE Injury Angle

WWE Hall of Famer Lita has been featured on WWE programming relatively frequently since appearing in the 2022 Women's Royal Rumble, even winning the Women's Tag Team Championship alongside Becky Lynch earlier this year. However, before she and Lynch got the chance to defend those titles, Lita was "injured" as a part of the embroiling feud between Lynch and Trish Stratus, one that currently continues.

However, Lita's kayfabe injury didn't stop the former WWE Women's Champion from appearing at a recent independent wrestling event in Oakland, California. The latest Hoodslam show saw Lita, who was referred to by her real name of Amy Dumas, aid independent star Dark Sheik in her match against Jack Cartwheel. While the referee was distracted, Dumas entered the ring and kicked Cartwheel below the belt, allowing Sheik to roll her opponent up and get the victory. While this isn't the first time Dumas has appeared at a Hoodslam event, it taking place during her kayfabe hiatus from WWE has made this a noteworthy venture for the legend. Furthermore, with the recent introduction of Zoey Stark as Stratus' partner in her feud against Lynch, some have speculated that Lita could be nearing a return to WWE to even the odds in the near future.

As for the participants that Dumas interacted with at Hoodslam, both are California-based performers who have increased in name recognition in recent years. Cartwheel, who was making his Hoodslam debut at the event, is best known for his work in GCW, PWG, and AAA. Alternatively, Dark Sheik has primarily competed for GCW and Hoodslam, being a decorated performer for the latter promotion.