Many Recent WWE Raw Vignettes Reportedly Filmed Weeks In Advance

Vince McMahon was present for and involved during this past Monday's "WWE Raw," with changes said to have been made throughout the night to better fit his overall vision. And while the environment was reported as being far less stressful than the infamous "Raw" after WrestleMania, some of those alterations played into the recording and airing of particular vignettes. Now, the latest from Fightful Select notes that several vignettes that have aired recently were actually filmed weeks in advance.


The report goes on to mention that some were recorded a couple of weeks before airing, and that the talent involved have been enjoying them. However, it does not specify which vignettes were taped beforehand. Concerning this past Monday, though, and despite being presented as if they were live, some clips were filmed up to 40 minutes ahead of time.

In any case, "Raw" was an unprecedented success this week, with WWE recording the highest-ever grossing television show for themselves in the Hartford, Connecticut market. It seems every time you look, the company is breaking records. Last month, they broke a similar record in Knoxville, Tennessee during "WWE SmackDown." So while the cost of ticket prices continues to rise, demand for the product does as well. Up next, "SmackDown" travels to Des Moine, Iowa as we inch closer to Money in the Bank from London, England.