Kevin Nash Says These WWE 'Malcontents' Would Be Good In A Modern NWO

The Latino World Order has returned, thanks to Rey Mysterio and Legado Del Fantasma. The recruitment didn't stop there though, with Bad Bunny, Carlito, and Savio Vega all becoming members at Backlash. Naturally, these developments got Kevin Nash thinking about the NWO, and specifically which members of the current roster could work within a modern-day version of the legendary faction. On a recent episode of "Kliq This," he singled out three such superstars.


"But I'm telling you one thing: If they're going to bring this Latino World Order back, then there's a couple of malcontents I see on that WWE roster," Nash suggested. "Mr. [Dolph] Ziggler, huh? [Baron] Corbin ... How 'bout you there, big Braun [Strowman]?"

Ziggler and Corbin are currently operating as "free agents," meaning they can appear on any show at any time. Recently, that's led Corbin back to "NXT," where he's become embroiled in a feud with "NXT" Champion Carmelo Hayes and his companion Trick Williams. Ziggler, on the other hand, last competed on "WWE Raw" on May 29 against JD McDonagh, which resulted in a double count-out and beatdown, courtesy of McDonagh. Meanwhile, Strowman is currently recovering having undergone fusion neck surgery earlier this month.


As for past stars who could've fit the NWO mold, WWE Hall of Famer "Stone Cold" Steve Austin springs to mind. But Nash admits that one other iconic faction acted as WWE's version of NWO in their own way.

"Would've been a good one," he said of Austin. "Well, I think that DX was more NWO. I think Steve was such a separate entity."

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