Mark Henry On The Idea Of Doing A Retirement Match

The idea of a retirement match isn't something Mark Henry has ruled out entirely, despite not competing in more than five years. However, the WWE Hall of Famer and current AEW employee — where he serves in a variety of roles — would need to feel just right physically and have the perfect opponent in order to lace up the boots one more time.

Appearing on "Insight" with Chris Van Vliet, "The World's Strongest Man" admits that he's weighed the pros and cons of a retirement match but always asks himself the same question.

"Every time I think about it," Henry said, "I think, 'Who? Who would be the person?'"

With no shortage of top tier adversaries over the course of his legendary career, including The Undertaker, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, Ric Flair, and many more, Henry would be well within his rights to be overly selective if he were to compete in the ring one more time. With the entirety of that list of names now retired (Austin's Wrestlemania 38 return notwithstanding) Van Vliet suggested an active WWE competitor as a possible final opponent.

"If you think of your biggest feuds," he asked, "would it be Rey [Mysterio]? Would that make sense?"

Battle of Hall of Famers?

Mysterio who was inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame in 2023, has found new life in the last couple of years alongside (and against) his son-turned-foe, Dominik, as well as his successful rejuvenation of the Latino World Order. And while a renewed Mysterio-Henry rivalry would, at present, need to traverse the so-called "Forbidden Door," the idea seemed to resonate with Henry.

"Wow," Henry exclaimed. "I had some great ones with Rey. Man, to go back in time and feel that ... That's exciting! I like that."

Henry's current position with AEW encompasses teaching, coaching, and the occasional announcing role. In August of 2022, he cited nerve damage as a primary reason for no longer wrestling, with his last in-ring action taking place in the Greatest Royal Rumble in 2018, won by Braun Strowman. For Henry to return, then, even more importantly than a particular opponent, he'd have to feel confident about his health and physical well-being.

"I'd have to start training and see how my body feels," he explained. "I haven't [taken] a bump in years. I'd be open, though, to a conversation."

Though the idea remains not totally out of the question, Henry understands that the clock is ticking.

"I guess you could put up a poll someday and say, 'Who would you like to see Mark Henry have his last match against?'" he said. "You better do it fast, because every day I wake up, I'm thinking, 'You might have to just go on and put that to bed.'"

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