Shayna Baszler Wants To Defend WWE Women's Tag Team Titles On Every Brand

Shayna Baszler and Ronda Rousey demanded to have a run with the Women's Tag Team Championships, and now that they have the gold, Baszler has made it clear they're open to defending them regularly across all three WWE brands. 

Baszler pointed out to "Wrestle Rant" that Sasha Banks and Bayley did that, while she also defended the titles on all of the shows during her run alongside Nia Jax, which is why she is open to it as well. Recent reports have said that Rousey could appear on "WWE NXT," with main roster talent being part of the show regularly as of late.

"That's been a thing I've done as a Tag Team Champion previous, so I am ready to do it now," she said. "I think it's an understanding, especially the singles title you have a lot more engagements to be called to."

Baszler and Rousey have been making it clear during this run that they want the women's tag team division to be given just as much respect as the singles titles. The duo was able to unify their Women's Tag Team Championships with the "NXT" Women's Tag Team titles last week when defeating Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn, which is the start of them pushing the division.

"I think the tag titles, if we are sitting here and talking about how we want them to be as prestigious as the singles titles, then we also have to understand that the responsibility is going to be the same as well," she said. "We are prepared to do all that."

The first responsibility for the champions will be to defend their Undisputed Women's Tag Team Championships against Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez at Money In The Bank.

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