Kevin Owens Explains His Relationship With Former NHL Coach Bruce Boudreau

While Kevin Owens loves his wrestling, he also loves his hockey, having been a fan of the sport since growing up and later reconnecting with it in a big way while the COVID-19 pandemic was raging on. And it was that renewed fandom that eventually led to Owens becoming good friends with long-time NHL head coach Bruce Boudreau, and even led to Boudreau making an appearance on "WWE Raw" earlier this year.

In an interview with "Love Wrestling," Owens talked about the night he and Boudreau became best friends, crediting the NHL Draft, and a woman with connections to both WWE and the NHL Network.

"I was in touch with Jackie Redmond, who works with him through the NHL Network and stuff like that," Owens said. "She also worked with WWE. Eventually, it just kind of worked out. I ended up at the Draft because it was in Montreal. I was there with my dad and my brother. I took them there to see it because they're huge hockey fans. As I was in my suite with my brother and my dad waiting for the whole thing to start, I saw Jackie on the floor doing our show, so I texted her." 

"She's like 'Oh my god, Bruce is here! We have to get you guys together!' I'm like 'Yeah, let's do it!'" he continued. "It just kind of worked out that way! We surprised Bruce. His reaction was so cool. He and I have become friends, [and] we're in touch since then. We were actually texting just this morning. It's great — it's just great to have made a new friend who loves wrestling, and I love hockey. We talk about that stuff, and it's just really cool it just worked out that way."

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