Ethan Page Promises To Have Matt Hardy's Back For AEW Rampage Tag Match

While the melody may not have changed, the ballad of Matt Hardy and Ethan Page continues to play in All Elite Wrestling. Sometimes they're friends. Sometimes they're enemies, but Hardy "owns" Page's contract so feelings aren't really a factor in the partnership.

Hardy is scheduled to team with Brother Zay (Isiah Kassidy) on this week's "AEW Rampage," taking on Q.T. Marshall and the newly-returning Johnny TV. In response to the match announcement, Page said that he'll be in Hardy and Zay's corner.

"I'll have your back," Page wrote. "You have my word."

Hardy responded to Page's promise by writing, "I have faith in you, Ethan. It's time for you to step up."

Hardy and Page's partnership began after Matt's brother Jeff was suspended from AEW after Jeff's arrest last year for driving under the influence. The two began working together, with La Facción Ingobernable selling Matt Hardy's contract – as well as the contracts of Private Party – to Stokely Hathaway and The Firm. This led to a rollercoaster relationship between Page and Hardy that led to The Firm Deletion last month at The Hardy Compound.

"My mission is to try and make him a better quality human being because I see a lot of potential in him," Hardy said in a recent interview.

According to Page, filming The Firm Deletion match was a good chance for him to explore Hardy's famous compound, during which Page was soundly defeated by Hardy's children in Matt's personal arcade, which even has custom prize tickets with Hardy's name on them.