Triple H Dismisses Reports That Drew McIntyre Was Considering Leaving WWE

Drew McIntyre made his return to WWE at Money in the Bank after being absent since WrestleMania with GUNTHER, who he got straight to reestablishing a rivalry with. McIntyre's status has been the subject of much speculation online, with reports holding that his contract is up soon and that negotiations were stalled over creative differences. At the post-Money in the Bank press conference, WWE CCO Paul "Triple H" Levesque put a dampener on the rumors.

"So here's a funny thing on the amount of speculation that happens around things. I read stuff, I see stuff all the time that's printed and put out there. People say, 'Sources say.' 75 percent of it is completely off base. If Drew had an issue, it's news to me. He was just out, with an injury and getting some stuff fixed. While he was out, he had something else he wanted to get fixed so we did it and here he is," Levesque said, "He's an amazing performer. He is one of the highlight superstars in this timeframe in this era. Thrilled to have him back, and hopefully he's here for the rest of his career. That's how I feel about it. When all of this stuff was coming up, it was funny, we talk on the phone here and there. He'd be just laughing like, 'Oh my god, have you read this now?' It just is what it is."

Rumors began swirling about McIntyre's status with WWE after reports emerged around WrestleMania that the Scottish star's contract was nearing expiration. McIntyre took time off after the show for an injury and due to issues in his personal life, but there were also rumors of creative clashes between McIntyre and WWE. Reports as late as the night before Money in the Bank held that McIntyre's return happening came down to creative choices.