Kevin Nash On Who Paul Heyman Should Work With In WWE

It's no secret that WWE almost always has one face of the company. Be it Hulk Hogan, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, John Cena, or now Roman Reigns, there's always one definable top star. However, with Reigns going part-time, it's natural to wonder who the next big star is. On "Kliq This," Kevin Nash mused over who comes next.

"There isn't the next big thing. You take Roman and Brock out of the equation, you pick the next Hulk Hogan. You pick the next Stone Cold. You pick Roman. I would say [Rick Steiner's] kid's got the best f****ing chance. [Bron Breakker], he's got the best chance," Nash said, before quickly moving to a solution for any weaknesses on the mic, "Turn him f***ing heel, give him f***ing Heyman." Breakker turned heel in April after he lost the "WWE NXT" Championship to Carmelo Hayes. Since then, Breaker has cemented his heel status on "NXT," including a recent high-profile call out of World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins. Rollins answered Breakker's call and defended his title on "NXT," a match that saw Breakker come out unsuccessful. His match with Rollins earned high praise for both competitors.

Many expected Breakker to be called up during the 2023 Draft, but the second-generation star remained on "NXT." However, Breaker said he's not disappointed to remain on Tuesday nights, and even called being heel "the best thing" he's ever done. As far as main roster experience goes, Breakker has wrestled on "WWE Raw" on a couple of occasions in addition to touring with the main roster during a European tour in 2021.