Gable Steveson To Make Long-Awaited WWE Debut Vs. Baron Corbin At Great American Bash

Olympic Gold Medalist Gable Steveson made his "decision" on "WWE NXT" Tuesday night and will be making his in-ring debut at The Great American Bash against an opponent with main roster experience.

Steveson will be competing against Baron Corbin, who made his presence known as Steveson was set to announce whether he would be staying to compete on "NXT" or return to amateur wrestling in the NCAA to pursue the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, France. The athlete has one more year of eligibility in the NCAA.


The Olympian was interrupted by Corbin who told him to "not come to 'NXT,'" or he would make Steveson "do something he's never done before. Fail." Corbin told Steveson WWE isn't amateur wrestling, and that "This whole thing will make you question your entire existence."

Steveson told Corbin he made his decision easier, challenging him to a match at The Great American Bash on Sunday. He attacked Corbin, sending him scurrying out of the ring.

With this decision, Steveson seems to be set on continuing his WWE career in "NXT," rather than being fast-tracked to WWE's main roster. Steveson was drafted to "Raw" in 2021 but never wrestled for the brand. More recently, he's been making appearances on "NXT."